Get Long Eyelashes with these 5 Easy Tips

You spend lots of money to get the perfect glow and youthful skin. But do you give the same attention to your eyelashes? Aside from applying mascara before leaving the house? If no then here are some good-to-know facts about our eyelashes and must-do’s to have luscious long eyelashes:

1. Clean thoroughly

Clean your face before going to bed this includes gently cleaning the eye area, especially if you have done a eye makeup. Your eyelashes can possibly break down if you leave the mascara overnight. You can use the makeup remover that is specifically made for the eye area. All makeup removers can’t thoroughly remove waterproof mascara so choose the one that is most effective for you. Best option is to use oil-based eye makeup remover. Using cotton balls with soft gentle hand remove eye makeup product from your eyelashes.

2. Moisturize

Just like the skin and hair, long eyelashes must also be moisturized to make healthy and strong. So for this you can use the Vaseline to condition the eyelashes. Use a cotton swab or a clean eyelash brush to apply the petroleum jelly on your eyelashes. But don’t apply too much and also remove any excess petroleum jelly on the skin to avoid clogging of pores or any skin reactions.

3. Curl long eyelashes with care

Curling eyelashes can instantly make your eyelashes look longer and eyes bigger, but while curling this you need to be little cautious.
  • First, the quality of eyelash curler is very much important. A good one has a smooth metal plate.
  • Before using the eyelash curler clean it. Product and oil build up on the metal and rubber can cause infection.
  • Do not pull the eyelashes or pinch the skin while using the curler. Clamp the base, press the curler lightly and hold it for a few seconds after that release it. Move the curler halfway and clamp and hold the curler again. For the final touch press, curl the tip of the eyelashes.

4. Mascara

Mascara the key for instant luscious long eyelashes.
  • Before applying it, wipe off any excess mascara on the wand by gliding the brush over a tissue. This will prevent eyelashes from clumping. Remember sharing of mascara wands is also not advisable. If you are sharing mascara, use disposable wands instead.
  • If you have thin and sparse eyelashes, then coat both sides of your lashes.
  • If you want thicker eye lashes, wiggle the brush from left to right. If you wish to have longer looking lashes, hold the mascara wand vertically and brush along the length of the lashes using the tip of the wand.
  • Another trick to give volume to your lashes is to dust translucent powder first coating of your mascara.

5. Serum

If you are tired of using mascara every day, and wishes to get naturally long and thick looking eyelashes? Apply an eyelash serum to naturally enhance your eyelashes. Use the eyelash enhancer serum that gives you the appearance of thicker and long eyelashes. It contains ingredients that are rich in growth factors and as a result it activates the cells of eyelash follicles and helps naturally the growth of new eyelashes.


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