Secrets to Making Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

There are many women who generally go to parlors on alternative days or when there are some functions or occasions to apply extensions. Applying extensions can get your lashes go longer and also fuller. There is no need to curl your lashes any more and also you don’t have to put mascara on it. Even there is no need to wear some other makeup to look beautiful. However mentioned below are some of the tips to follow which can keep your extensions intact and also help it to stay longer.

Lube your eyelash upward: If you keep your extensions dry then it is quite smart way and also to make it stay nicer and longer after oiling. Therefore you should use a drop of baby oil and oil it with your fingers.

Sleep backward: Sleeping backward can be funny to hear but sleeping backward is important after applying the glue because it takes some time to dry up. It can take at least 1 to 2 hours to dry up and after that you can take your normal sleeping.

Comb them: If you want to prevent your lashes from any type of criss-cross or funny look, you need to make use of spoolie wand. After that you need to close your eye and after that place the spoolie on top of lashes, then roll the brush over lashes.

Refuse playing with eye lashes: There is a characteristic route by which the lashes shed and the expansion pushes them off. In the event that the augmentation is strange then abstain from playing with them, for example, bending or pulling them off as this can be a danger in for losing your regular lashes. Make them turn out by their own particular and make utilization of the spoolie to brush to make them set up.

Moreover leaving these ways behind, you can also make your eyelash more perfect by using a eyelash product such as Eyelash Enhancer. This product contains of stonishing lash serum that not only helps the lashes to grow long, thick and fuller but also dark.


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