Mascara is the most popular beauty product that adds beauty to your charming eyes. And makes you look instantly awake. If it is applied correctly then it enhance the beauty of anyone’s face otherwise will make complete mess-up on your face. Makeup artist shares the most common mistakes that everyone should avoid while applying mascara.

Eyelashes are much more than the strands of hair rimming the eyelids.  Since we communicate much with the gesture of the eyes, the eyelashes add color and meaning to the words by fluttering and also the communication will be effective if they are long, thick. So there is no need to have the long eyelashes by birth in order to make your eyes look seductive. It can be done with the use of makeup and there is magical mascara wand to get the same done. If properly applied, mascara makes our eyelashes magical.

Knowing the right shape of your eyes is equally important as finding out the most flattering colors for your eyelids. There are certain effective ways to apply eye shadow according to your eye shape. Here are some tricks and tips to flatter your eye shape with right eye makeup.

There is a lot to learn about makeup and beauty out there even you though you admit that it can be overwhelming at times. Beautiful eyes makeup adds especial affect to your whole facial makeup. So to define it beautifully you need to know some best eye makeup tricks after using which you one stop themselves to say wow….

Want to have gorgeous eyelashes all day long. You may always try to make them look beautiful but after few hours you may need to give touch ups and all…! Isn’t it?

Every women wishes to have fuller, longer eyelashes and therefore there are several cosmetic products out there that help us to get fuller, darker, longer lashes. Many girl uses mascara, but that too much mascara can spoil the look as well as can damage your eyelashes making them more likely to break or fall off.

Eyes are the center of attraction for all women, and if they have curly eyelashes, it makes them look more beautiful. Eyelashes are very important as they protect your eyes from foreign particle. So it is most important to have healthy eyelashes. If you do not have curly eyelashes, then don’t be sad, as there are various ways, how you can make them curled. Many of us are using eyelash curlers, but it is not the safe as there are chances of damaging your lashes. Here we are going to discuss the ways to get healthy eyelashes and curl eyelashes without an eyelash Curler.