Start Fluttering Your Eyelashes With Mascara

Eyelashes are much more than the strands of hair rimming the eyelids.  Since we communicate much with the gesture of the eyes, the eyelashes add color and meaning to the words by fluttering and also the communication will be effective if they are long, thick. So there is no need to have the long eyelashes by birth in order to make your eyes look seductive. It can be done with the use of makeup and there is magical mascara wand to get the same done. If properly applied, mascara makes our eyelashes magical.
There must be no globs of the stuff clinging to lashes and each strand must be separate from the other when you apply mascara.

Tips and Tricks to Apply Mascara

You needs to learn how to get more from your mascara. Turn out there are tons of tiny tweaks that could tweaks that could make a dramatic difference in your lash look.

Curl first- It is said when you apply mascara on your lashes, before that you should curl the lashes because by doing so the lashes will be long lasting and it will be more impactful and the lashes will becomes long and lush.

Comb your lashes- After applying each coat of mascara, take eyelash comb and gently brush the lashes which can make the lashes feathery and flirty and will also looks beautiful.

Try a primer- When your lashes are on thinner side or in the weaker side then it will better to apply a primer on the lashes before applying mascara.

Blemish the mascara wand- Just simply wipe the mascara brush on the lashes to clean out the extra mascara if there is any. By doing this, at the time of mascara is applied then it will help to prevent the formation of clumps from happening while the use of application.

Don’t pump the wand- If the mascara wand is pumped out from the tube then it is sure that the mascara will get dry out quickly and to stop this from happening, spin the brush around the tube inside so that the wand can get most mascara out without any drying the formula.

Try jiggle method- While applying mascara on lashes, begin from the base of lashes and then turn the brush from left to right instead of moving up and down. Just carry on with the zig-zag movement till you reach at the top of your lashes. By doing this process will protect your lashes from every last inch and it will be more impactful.

Easy to bend the brush- While applying mascara, if you bend the mascara wand at right angle then it will be easier to reach out the inner and lower lashes completely and can have a beautiful look.


In order to get the best mascara results, it is always advisable to clean the wands properly before using. Remove the dried mascara from the wand by using the makeup remover and then clean the wand with soap and water. Moreover this also helps to prevent your eyes from getting irritated.

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