6 Biggest Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Putting On Mascara

Mascara is the most popular beauty product that adds beauty to your charming eyes. And makes you look instantly awake. If it is applied correctly then it enhance the beauty of anyone’s face otherwise will make complete mess-up on your face. Makeup artist shares the most common mistakes that everyone should avoid while applying mascara.

Biggest Mistakes You Make Putting on Mascara

Don’t start with the top:

When you apply mascara on your top lashes first, you have to look upward to apply mascara on lower lashes first and this cause your wet mascara on your top lashes to do complete mess up. So to make your eyes pop even more, apply the mascara on the lower lashes first. If your mascara gets smudge then wait for a while until the first round gets dry. 

You don't customize your look.

Everyone’s eye and eyelash are different from other then how it is possible that one time application of mascara is enough for all types of lashes. So likewise if your eyes are further apart then it’s better to put more coating of mascara on the inner parts of your eyes. But if your eyes are close together then you need to work on the outer edges. You can also use different techniques depending on whether you want your lashes to look longer, fuller or just classic and clump free.

Don’t know how to take it off.

You probably already know that you should take your makeup off before going to bed so your pores don’t get clogged. But you mascara is often the hardest makeup to remove, especially, if you wear the waterproof mascara. To get rid of every last traces of this product, use the eye makeup removal product.

Pump your mascara wand well:

This technique will dry out your mascara faster because it allows too much air to get into the tube and dried out mascara equals gross, clumpy lashes…! When you remove the wand from the bottle, make sure to remove any extra traces of mascara.

Curl your lashes after mascara:

You should always use an eyelash curler before applying the coating of mascara. Otherwise it can cause your mascara to clump and risk pulling your lashes out.

Try to apply a tiny inner lashes while looking down. You have probably heard the classic mascara application tip: look down into a mirror or tilt your chin a little and open your mouth. It’s like an exercise routine for your eyeballs. Look up to apply product to the top lashes and side to get the inner and outer lashes.

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