6 Biggest Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Putting On Mascara

Mascara is the most popular beauty product that adds beauty to your charming eyes. And makes you look instantly awake. If it is applied correctly then it enhance the beauty of anyone’s face otherwise will make complete mess-up on your face. Makeup artist shares the most common mistakes that everyone should avoid while applying mascara.

Start Fluttering Your Eyelashes With Mascara

Eyelashes are much more than the strands of hair rimming the eyelids.  Since we communicate much with the gesture of the eyes, the eyelashes add color and meaning to the words by fluttering and also the communication will be effective if they are long, thick. So there is no need to have the long eyelashes by birth in order to make your eyes look seductive. It can be done with the use of makeup and there is magical mascara wand to get the same done. If properly applied, mascara makes our eyelashes magical.

Tips And Tricks For Perfect Eye Makeup : Knowing Your Eye Shape

Knowing the right shape of your eyes is equally important as finding out the most flattering colors for your eyelids. There are certain effective ways to apply eye shadow according to your eye shape. Here are some tricks and tips to flatter your eye shape with right eye makeup.