Tips To Naturally Lengthen Your Eyelashes

Mascara is the only makeup for women which can make their eye lashes beautiful. Many women try out this so that they can look attractive. Some women may have longer and beautiful eyelashes as they are natural but those who don’t have, they generally in a search of how to make long and thick lashes. In fact leaving mascara, there are many natural remedies also which can help women to grow their eye lashes strong and lengthy and also attractive. Here you will get to know about the natural remedies which can help women to make their eye lashes grow lengthy and also become thick over time.

The natural ways which you will know are very common and you can easily get all those on your home otherwise you can buy it from market.

Vaseline- Use of Vaseline will really help you make your eye lashes thicker and longer after you mositurize. After applying Vaseline with cotton swab to your lashes, it will help your lashes to grow.  Swipe the cotton swab across the lash comb to move the Vaseline onto the teeth of the comb. After that run the comb via your lashes before you go to bed. The next morning just wash you face normally and continue this process atleast for 5 weeks and you will see the difference.

Use lip balm- If you want you lashes to be curlier then lip balm is the first choice. You can use any type of lip balm with olive oil along with lemon as it works great. After that apply the lip balm on your lashes and you can do this before going to bed or if you use mascara then before using it. After that take eyelash curler and start to curl your lashes just after the balm is applied. By doing this, will help you a lot and your lashes will become curlier.

Use brush- If you brush you eyelashes everyday then there is also a chance of lengthening your lashes. Any type of brush can be used such as eye brush or simple brush and just brush at the base of your eyelash. Do this for 5 minutes everyday and you can see eyelash in shape.

If all the above natural ways does not work, then you can use natural product like Idol Lash which helps you to grow your eye lashes. This is made of natural ingredients and the use is also simple. Only you have to apply on upper and lower eyelash or at the base of eyelash. Use it twice a day and you can see the results in 2 weeks.


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